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Release History

  • Version 6.2 [6 December, 2016]
    • Fix: use an Allegro CL build that fixes a GC leak, which could result in the server process growing until it runs out of space. This bug was only present in version 6.1.
    • Fix: handle "tcp connection reset" errors, which previously made the server die and require manual restart. They are now ignored.
    • For silent installs (/S given to installer) do not start the configuration program at the end.
    • Directory entries are now returned in the order in which Windows returns them. Previously, directory listing were reversed.
    • The server can now detect when files or directories are renamed externally (i.e., not by an NFS client) and update its cache accordingly. Previously it could get into a confused state if files or directories were renamed externally.
  • Version 6.1 [21 Jul, 2016]
    • Log possible conflicting NFS server running if an existing (aka system) portmapper is detected.
    • Fix: adjust the nfsd error handling so that certain errors do not cause the service to exit, and return reasonable errors to the client.
    • Fix: adjustments in heap placement for Windows 10. There should be fewer problems with service startup due to ASLR.
    • Fix: increased general client compatibility.
    • Fix: improved compatibility with the Windows Services For Unix (SFU) NFS client.
    • Fix: don't display configuration window until config has been loaded. This will help avoid confusion in cases where the NFS server is busy and it takes a while to get a response from it.
    • Fix: handle full filesystem errors, returning the proper ENOSPC error code to the client.
    • Fix: allow statfs and fsstat procedures on filenames (as opposed to a directories).

Previous Versions

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